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Golden Ratio & Miracles

For some time I’ve been thinking about –

  • what makes a perfect design in this world?
  • Why some men and women are very attractive?
  • What makes some places holy pilgrimage points attracting million people in the world?

There must be something… some science, mathematics, superstitions, history…

I will be a fool if I say that the reason ‘am stating in the post is the only answer for all the above questions.

Well this is what wiki says –

two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship. Expressed algebraically:

 \frac{a+b}{a} = \frac{a}{b} \equiv \varphi,

where the Greek letter phi (\varphi) represents the golden ratio. Its value is:

\varphi = \frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} = 1.61803\,39887\ldots

1.618 carries a great significance in this universe, some facts below:

  • Aspect ratio of DNA contains this number
  • Egyptians pyramids one of the 7 wonders is architected with this ratio
  • Astronomer Keppler defines this number as a golden treasure
  • Human body carrying this ratio are generally good looking (joint dimensions if you consider)
  • Mecca is geographically located in the world map with this magic ratio (Distance from north pole to south pole of the earth to Mecca to North pole is 1.618)
  • Now if you add all the digits (1+6+1+8=16 ; 1+6=7) you will get the number 7. In hindu mythology digit 7 has a great significance
  • One of the world’s richest pilgrimage Tirupati (In India) is in Seven Hills
  • Most of the hindu mantras recited 7 times
  • We say 7 lives…

Isn’t that interesting? 🙂

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My Dad – Retiring on 31-Aug-2010

September 3, 2010 1 comment

My dad Ch Sudarshan, who retired from his services as a Govt Junior College Principal on 31-Aug-2010 had a great track record as a professional. Received best teacher award 2008 from the hands of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Late YS Rajashekar Reddy. I tried compiling his accomplishments, memories into a short film as a gift to him on eve of his retirement.

This video was played in front of guests, family members… this absolutely came as a surprise to him as the content was collected by me and my cousin (Ramya) from his closet secretly with out his notice!

You may guess his reaction while the movie was played…

When you are happy People notice you

October 9, 2009 4 comments

This simply replicates my mood today. Words flew from my heart and I compiled it into a video with out second thought…

People around you will be more interested in you if you are happy! Who doesn’t want to lead a happy life? it is in those tiny little things in our daily life that if we start enjoying would really make our life a happy ride… so start enjoying every moment, every task, every small achievement and every small progress you made today… all these summed up small happiness would make your day a great day!