Who am I

I started this blog to express my beliefs and opinion in the field of software technology. My professional day at work starts with security, deals with security and ends with security. As a security guy, I would like to share with you what ever I know about security! I would try my best to deal with concepts in and around security through this blog.

More about me…

Entrepreneurial and Professional background with hands-on in Java and related technologies. I am a CISM, CISSP certified, ISO27001 Lead Auditor and a Certified Ethical Hacker. May 24, 2004 is an important date it’s the day when I started my professional career. I was born in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India and my mother tongue is Telugu.

The other side of me is something that I really never miss to speak about is my passion to movie making. I keep a lot of interest in reading and writing movie scripts. Till date I shot about 5 short films, which I don’t say are anywhere near matching international standards… but the strong passion in me drives me to keep writing and my dream is to make at least one movie in my life time!!! You will see a flavor of my passion through my writings, which I would like to share with you through this blog. I hope you like them…

With this I would like to end my introduction.

Welcome to my blog! Your comments and feedback are most important for me to move on and on and on…


Whatever expressed in this blog is strictly my own opinion. They do not reflect any other entity ‘am associated with… The comments expressed by the blog viewers are their opinion they do not necessarily reflect mine…

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