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My top security predictions for 2017

My Top predictions for Cloud:
DoS/DDoS: More and more enterprises are joining public cloud for shifting production workloads from internal data centers to Cloud that’s managed by various cloud providers. Attackers are constantly hunting for innovative ways to bring down the services. Considering the history of disruptions (5-hour outage of AWS, Dyn’s DNS infrastructure disrupting Twitter/Spotify/AWS etc) there are potential outages to happen in the next year too.
Software Defined Networking: Insecure configuration of Control and Data Plane Layers will open the doors for the attackers to disrupt your hybrid cloud, private cloud environment. Most of the time teams that configure or manage SDN are not Security folks, hence the risk is double!
Ransomware: Malicious software designed to block access to the victim’s files until the victim pays a ransom in Bitcoin is a potential threat that we can see a rise in the next year. With the advent of cloud-based services, this is going to be increasingly common threat next year.
Data Loss/Leakage: Growing volumes of sensitive data in the cloud will invite hackers. Trust no one should be the principle to adopt. Strict Key Management Systems (KMS) should be adapted for data at rest and use Transport Layer Security for data in motion.
My Top predictions for Enterprise-level:
Mobile Malware: Facing this age old problem that always surfaces with a new face is quite a daunting task! At the enterprise level – effective antivirus products and malware defenses can combat malware to a larger extent. But the problem is with mobile devices joining the corporate internal wireless network are becoming soft targets! Attacks such as memory-resident malware is an emerging trend and forensically difficult to detect. Take a note of that!
My Top predictions for Home User:
IoT (Internet of Things): With the advent of Siri and Alexa, Privacy of individuals is undoubtedly a big challenge. This “always on” feature is a bit disturbing fact, though! Though security standpoint of this product is still unclear, but few experts say the product is secure with no obvious backdoors, however, only the times to come will decide the security posture of such products till hacked or especially in cases where software updates/patching flow-in opening the back doors. IoT is next big thing to lookup and a possible source of cyber attacks!
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