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Kubernetes start local cluster with internal IP

$ ./hack/local-up-cluster.sh

This starts-up the local cluster with


  • Access this cluster from outside environment
  • Run this cluster with an IP address instead of
  • UP local cluster with IP and make sure to have NO_PROXY configured in kubernetes.


If you are behind a corporate firewall and wish to run cluster with an IP, you need to have NO_PROXY configured inside kubernetes appropriately. For this and above reqs, follow all or certain steps that meet your need.

  • Modify your local-up-cluster.sh script

Here is my internal IP address, you should replace it with your IP.

  • Go to ./hack/lib/init.sh (I tried KUBERNETES_NO_PROXY env variable, but this didn’t work, ’cause init.sh script no_proxy doesn’t have predefined $no_proxy prefix for export command! This I think is a bug!)

search for “no_proxy”

export no_proxy=,localhost (default value)

Change this to below

export no_proxy=,,,localhost

You can add list of IP addresses that you want for no_proxy.

  • After this you can make changes to local-up-cluster.sh start_apiserver method to have your internal ip instead of (etcd ip can be retained to for insecure-bind-address, bind-address.

Finally, do UP your local cluster…


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