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Are all SAP Mentors of SAP SCN really “SAP Mentors”?

Recently I received an email from SAP SCN team to activate my account by clicking on the link. I am not from SAP, neither work on SAP technology, neither know SAP SCN nor have created the account!!! While I was wondering who would have done this mischief, my colleague coolly walks up to my desk (he works on SAP technology and won the 2013 SAP mentor award) and says he created account on my behalf and wanted me to click on the link so that he can use my credentials in future for logging in the points for every stupid blogpost he writes!!!

I wondered how shamelessly he is asking me to do this favor. It came as a surprise to me at the same time quite disappointing. I thought how foolish this particular system is and immediately confronted him not to get into such practices. This way a really good effort and original effort from other fellow SAP SCN members might go unnoticed. I understand that he formed a small network of group, who always comment on his blog post and pass on a scripted feedback to his every stupid blog post. What a bizarre thing to happen!!! Heights of PR!!!

I sent him back saying I can’t get into such acts and reprimanded him not to repeat it in future. Let the right person win the SAP SCN Mentor award, if ever he wants to win he should increase the quality of his posts and win the points genuinely. For that matter, if ever I like any of his posts I myself would create an account and add points. I am not trying to say here that the system of points from SAP SCN is wrong, the intention from SAP SCN might be right, but there are few people like my colleague who are exploiting the system in a wrong way and surpassing the right candidates…

Just felt like sharing this incident with you people…

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