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Gone are those days when Malware used to execute every time system is started, which used to infect boot parameters of your system. So called malware is now a older concept and usually detected by any decent antivirus that is installed on the machine. In modern world a new concept “Man-in-the-Browser” (MITB) or “Browser Zombie” emerged.

MITB usually arrives as a browser plug-in or javascript or helper object that sits in your browser and monitors the activities performed through your browser. In today’s world where we perform online banking transactions, cloud based services, email accounts, online purchasing etc the plugin can take complete control of your activities and capture the sensitive information towards misuse. No modern Anti virus is capable of capturing these plug-ins, only remediation is end-user being aware and cautious of such plugins. Unless published by authenticate source, it’s good idea not to install it on your system..

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