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Oracle WebLogic JMS Queue Configuration

This post explains the steps to setup a simple JMS queue in Oracle WebLogic Server.

  1. Create weblogic domain. Let’s call it as JMSDomain
  2. Start JMSDomain from command prompt1
  3. Go to weblogic console from any of your favorite browser, http://localhost:7001/console
  4. In Domain Structure navigate to JMSDomain–>Services –>Messaging
  5. Click on ‘JMS Servers’2
  6. Create a new JMS Server3
  7. Click Next
  8. Select Target as ‘AdminServer’ (this is default in my case)4
  9. Click on Finish
  10. This should create JMS Server successfully and should show the status as running 5
  11. Now in the Domain Structure navigate to JMS Modules
  12. Click on New button6
  13. Click Next, select targets as ‘AdminServer’7
  14. Click ‘Next’ and Click ‘Finish’ button
  15. Now click on ‘AlertJMSModules’ this should navigate to ‘Settings for AlertJMSModules’ pane i.e. Summary of Resources
  16. Click on ‘New’ button for adding Connection Factory and Queue resource8
  17. Click Next to create connection factory9
  18. Click Finish, similarly follow the same 2 steps above to create queue.
  19. Your Summary of Resources should look something like this10
  20. That’s it! You now have a JMS Queue successfully configured
  21. Refer my next post for writing a Java client to access the queue configured…
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