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Oracle Enterprise User Security

“Enterprise User Security” is one of the important concepts in oracle. If ‘am not wrong this concept has been introduced from version 10g. Enterprise User is a user stored in directory (LDAP) such as Windows Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory etc.

It is a mechanism of enabling a directory user talking to oracle database. This is one way of ensuring single sign on where in an Active Directory user be able to connect to an enterprise Oracle database & perform queries based on access privileges enforced.

Advantages with this approach:

  • Centralized Role Based Access Control, you can directly provide grant authorization privileges over the groups to resources (tables, views, procedures etc) of database. I am not sure if I made sense on this point, but surely would want to bring clarity on this in my subsequent blogs
  • No need to remember multiple credentials to access systems in the enterprise

How to set up Enterprise User Security?

  • It’s multiple step process, you can refer to the guide from Oracle or my next blog post for configuring the same
  • Oracle Identity Management install and configure
  • Oracle Internet Directory install and configure
  • Synchronization of identities from Active Directory or other directories to Oracle Internet Directory

This is all for now…

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