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File System Parsing (ActiveX based) Sample Code

I prepared this sample little piece of code for one of the tasks, never used it though due to the following restrictions:

  • This code works only on Internet Explorer as it uses the API of ActiveX. There is also a way to make this code run on other browsers by installing the activex plugin but I don’t suggest that…
  • Generally file system browsing is strongly discouraged using Javascript ActiveX, but still if you want to use it go a head us the code below

Anyways this is how the code works:

  • You can select drive from the drop down or input the path of the filesystem folder
  • Click on ‘list’ button
  • That’s it! You should see the tree view also you can click on the file url link to open the file

I think you can modify the code with PHP, I didn’t try but may be modified to be used in PHP. However I see the following issues if you do so:

  • You probably might have to make security on IE browser to low if this code is used in Intranet application


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