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Change default Realm manually in Weblogic server

Today I faced an issue with start of web logic.

  • I created a new realm ‘testrealm’
  • Configured providers to OpenLdap and saved the configuration
  • Went to my domain and configured default realm to ‘testrealm’
  • The above step demands restart of weblogic
  • I followed the same but my weblogic failed to start
  • Problem was:
    • I configured to my testrealm but weblogic while starting uses a default usercredentials ‘weblogic’
    • I’ve to add this user to my testrealm as well
    • For this change to happen I’ve to have my weblogic up and running
    • I went to my user_projects\domains\<weblogic-domain>\config\config.xml
    • In this there is a tag called <default_realm>
    • I changed it to myrealm from testrealm
  • Restart the server it works fine now 🙂

Note: Before you plan to make any changes to the myrealm better to take a backup of the user_projects\domains\<weblogic-domain>\config\config.xml or weblogic does auto-backup of config.xml which you may find it under user_projects\domains\<weblogic-domain>\servers\domain_bak

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