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Securing Web Services Using OWSM

In my previous post I explained OWSM (Oracle Web Service Manager) Gateway based security. There is another way to secure your web services through Server Agent. This is particularly useful in cases where you cannot change the location of web services or in cases where it is not possible to make changes to the UDDI. In such scenarios go with Server Agent. Server Agent basically adds a SOAP Handler to the existing web services. I’ve no idea how my web services behave if they already have a custom SOAP Handler?

Consider a scenario where in you’ve a web service end point running on a server, there are 2 ways to provide security through OWSM:

  1. Gateway (which we discussed here Web Service Security – Oracle Web Service Manager Quick Start – Simple Steps)
  2. Server Agent

You need OWSM running on the end point machine for Server Agent to work. More information on Server Agent is here http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B31017_01/core.1013/b28764/owsm003.htm

Conceptually Gateway and Server Agent looks good, but issue comes when I am trying to provide security through gateway or server agent to already secured Web Services!

I created a secured web service using JbossSX framework and tried OWSM gateway. In this case, I was trying to provide security over a secured web service. This threw me error while invoking web method of web service.

OWSM tool is great, but suits only to specific requirements! other wise ‘am quite happy to provide my own custom security to web services, this gives me more flexibility and my end point web services too are secured!


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