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Why not make Antivirus and Internet Security Suite FREE?

In the days of Botnets, Zombies any unsecured machine with internet access can be compromised to target a bigger attack by the hacker. There are ample systems in Indian house hold and cyber cafes that’ve either no or pirated antivirus running on the machines. Worst is the situation with machines in cyber cafes in towns and even cities of India, these machines are care of address for pirated OS with no patches. These machines are prime sources for the hacker to plan his attack.

Hackers usually don’t plan to attack target system directly, they rather use a set of unsecured systems to attack. Target system could be a system of financial organization or Indian intelligence department systems that primarily carry sensitive classified information.

Looking at the above issue, I thought how about making Antivirus and Internet Security Suite for non-commercial usage free of cost? So that many of the house holds can use it, at least by this there is a possibility to curb the danger of becoming a Zombie!

Just to summarize, here is what I think – Security should either be made affordable or given free of cost. Let me know what you say on this…

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