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Log management as SaaS – 3

This post is in continuation to Log management as SaaS – 2.

We talk about advantages of SaaS based model.

Why SaaS for Log Management?

Log Management in today’s world is fairly a basic feature of operations best practice for infrastructure management. SaaS solution for Log Management is more efficient, effective and costs less compared to traditional on-premise product deployment owned by a company. Following are few more advantages with SaaS model compared to on-premise model

SaaS Vs On-Premise model

  • Cost of physical space:
    • On-Premise Model: An on-premise model typically requires customers to manage/maintain 3-4 server concentration of infrastructure with in the same data center, server room, and typically even the same server rack in order to operate effectively.
      • This introduces delays through change control process if the infrastructure has to be moved, when additional rack space is purchased, new hardware component is introduced etc.
      • Cost of electricity is more for running extra cooling for safe equipment operations
    • SaaS Model: In SaaS Model, entire infrastructure is maintained by Cloud Vendor, except for log collection server that would be installed at the customer location. Log Collection server collects the logs from the client’s infrastructure and securely sends the logs to one or more off-site datacenters that house the physical infrastructure required to analyze and redundantly archive the log data.

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