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You need Technology+Process to fight piracy

There was a time, not so long ago, telugu film industry (popularly known as Tollywood) was craving for help to fight against movie piracy. Brought up watching telugu films I felt a sense of sympathy and sorry for the people affected badly due to this. But there is no way that film industry can overcome with the current issue unless there is a strong process followed to curb the problem from the root.

In May, 2010 I gave this presentation to couple of big heads in the Telugu film industry from whom I received a positive response.

All I tried stating in this presentation is that –

Technology by itself cannot stop piracy, there is need for a Process coupled with Technology to fight against piracy

Following are the highlights of the presentation, which I collected from various sources and some of them are research of my own:

  • As per Ernst & Young, Indian movies are losing about Rs. 4000 crores ($800 million) revenue every year due to piracy
  • 80,000 jobs lost directly as a result of theft and piracy
  • Telugu film industry is losing Rs. 200-250 crore ($50 million) due to piracy
  • India is fourth largest global hub of online film piracy, behind US, UK, Canada
  • Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey was downloaded 3,50,000 times on Bit torrent, with about 2/3rd downloaders being from India
  • 40% are desperate to watch pirated movies, these are the people who aren’t ready to spend those 400 bucks but still want to be up to date in terms of watching new movie.
  • 40% go with piracy if available other wise they don’t mind watching movie in the theatre or don’t mind watching it at all
  • 20% of us are strictly against piracy, come what may happen they never want to watch pirated movie. These people want to take complete advantage of movie theater, sound system… NO Compromise what so ever!

More details are stated in the attached presentation.

Hope you like this post, love to take a feedback on this 🙂

Click on the link to download the presentation – Presentation on Movie Piracy

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