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My Thoughts on Product Management – 1

Every product that starts with a need takes time to evolve into a concrete definition. I think this transformation is extremely important and holds the key to the success of the product.

Product management is more of a philosophy, where in each one has their own way of drawing the meaning. That’s the reason we have more than half a dozen frameworks that teach you what actual product management is! but are they really worth it? I think so… ’cause the very first lesson what I learnt from product management is this: “the more clear you are with the definition of the idea, the more keen you are in solving the actual market need”. And all these frameworks/methodologies helps one in clearly defining one’s idea and streamline the process to help complete the product.

Just as in the case of product definition, it is also important to be clear on requirement definition. I read somewhere that 50-70% of new products fail due to ambiguous requirement definitions. After all a product is a collection of requirements and it is so very much easy to get lost in tons of requirements that pour in from various sources.

Hence, the success of product lies in clear product definition and picking up right requirements for right market at right time…!

  1. October 7, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    Very short but makes sense


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